5 Awesome MTB Trails You’ve Gotta Add to Your Bucket List

As passionate bikers, we love looking at what the globe has to offer in terms of ultimate MTB trails. If you haven’t a look at any of these yet, we urge you to go on and see for yourself that these trails will leave you not only out of breath but breathless in terms of what they have to offer mountain bike enthusiasts.

1. California, United States of America

With breathtaking nature scenes and trails that match even the toughest biker out there, you really should include this one for a ‘must’ on your list of trails to complete.

2. Rotorua, New Zealand

If you can, try to catch the annual Rotorua Bike Festival that is held in February. But, if you can’t make it, the trails here are fit for any mountain bike king or queen. The trail has also received Golden Status by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and if that doesn’t sell it, we don’t know what will!

3. Blue Tier Trail, Australia

This trail stretches 20 km far and offers a moderately rated ride fit for an intermediate biker. Start off on the plain and slowly ride into the forests below, the trail offers more advanced bikers a challenge at some points. A must add to that list!

4. Alps, France

This one is probably on your list already. The French Alps offer a wide range of trails, it could be the perfect Mountain Biking holiday getaway if that is what gets your blood cooking and your heart pumping.

5. Whistler, Canada

A one-for-all, this mountain bicycling park in Canada is also not to be overlooked. I mean, it is a park dedicated specifically to MTB! The resort caters for the whole family, and if you are into it, you can even visit in winter for a ski trip. Totally up to you but we would suggest going on one of their amazing MTB trails first, of course.

Have you been to any of these sites? Share your experiences in the comment section below. Or, if you know of a ‘must’ add, let us know and we’ll add your suggestion to our list.