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Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

I am new to mountain biking, is there anyone that help me get organised?
Yes. Call in and see one of the event supporting bike shops, they all know about the event and will be offer all the advice you will need to get started. Alternatively click This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and send us an email and we will get back to you.

Do team members ride in relay or all ride the laps?
You may only have one team member riding a lap at any time. It is a relay style event where team members swap at the end of each lap. There may be times when no team member is riding and that is fine, but no more than one team member may be doing laps at any one time.

Do we have to ride the whole time?
No. You can stop whenever you like, for as long as you like. Your team (or just yourself if you are in the solo category) only have to complete one lap to receive an official finish. You can stop riding and have dinner, get a coffee, go to the toilet, whatever you like and you can even go to bed (and believe me more teams do this than you might think!).

Do riders in teams need to relay in the same order throughout the race?
No, you are free to change around the order of your riders as much as you like.

Can we ride the track before hand?
Yes. Marrinup Circuit is a mountain bike recreational area, so mountain bikers are always welcome. The race circuit will be slightly different to the normal circuit just to spice things up a little! The race circuit will be fully marked for practice laps on the Saturday morning of the race.

Are there any phones at the event centre?
There are no land line facilities at the event centre; however there is mobile phone coverage 3G Network only.

Will there be food available at the event?
Yes. A local community group will be at the event providing BBQ food and drinks as part of a fund raiser. There will also be a coffee van serving coffee, frappes etc.

Can my friends and family come to the event?
Yes, your friends and family are most welcome to come out to the event and enjoy the weekend. They don't have to enter in a team. They are welcome to camp with you and check out everything that is happening.

Is there a gate fee?
Yes. There will be a gold coin donation to the Carriage Club.

Are pets permitted?
Sorry but no dogs are permitted at Marrinup.

Are fires permitted?
No. It will be fire season.

Can I enter on the day?
No. Sorry but all entries must be completed online through the entry page. The event will most likely sell out by the end of October so get in quick!

I want to do the event in a team but I dont have any friends to ride with?
Well, we suggest you place a post on the PMBC website in the forum topic 12hour, there will be many riders looking for team mates. This also is a great way to make new friends!