3 Exercises Every MTB Fanatic Should Be Doing

Keeping fit and fresh and in the game is very important when you are serious about mountain biking. Trust us, we know. Strength and stamina are factors that can make a huge difference when you are just about done with a trail but cannot seem to carry on. In this post, we’ll look at 4 easy exercises specifically for mountain bikers aimed at building strength.


Probably not something you were expecting to see here. The focus here is your glutes and hamstrings, two essential muscles when cycling for extended periods over the tough and rough terrain.

How to do it

Stand up straight. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. While keeping your back straight, bend your knees and slowly move towards the floor. Slowly move back up while keeping your back straight and repeat.


When cycling over tough terrain over roots and rocks, your upper body will have to do a lot of work in steering and keeping your bike upright. Push-ups are ideal to increase your upper body strength.

How to do it

Lay on your tummy with your toes pressed into the ground. Put your hands shoulder-width apart and start pushing yourself upwards using your core and arms. Once up, slowly go down without flopping completely on the floor and repeat.

Bent Over Rows

This exercise is to strengthen your back and arms and perfect for a balanced exercise regime if you are a serious biker.

How to do it

Keeping your feet apart, bring your body down towards the ground. Pick up the dumbbell and slowly move upwards. Once you are upright, bring the dumbbell down towards the ground in the same slow motion as before and repeat. Remember to keep your back straight.

Do you have a set exercise regime that you do? Have you found any of our tips here helpful? Please tell us in the comment section below how you exercise to increase your strength and stamina for MTB purposes.