We’re a bunch of fun-loving Mountain Biking adventurers with a seated interest in advocating the sport of mountain biking. Our team boasts seasoned mountain biking enthusiasts, some of who have completed the Alcoa 12 hour Enduro race for the past consecutive 7 years.

Founded by Xavier Hyland in 2010, the vision of this initiative was to promote mountain biking as a sport and bring awareness of biking events around the country to the public. We aim to provide MTB enthusiasts with on-hand advice and tips in preparation for the enduro race but also answer any questions newcomers might have.

The annual WA Alcoa 12 hour enduro race has seen some of MTBs biggest names from all over the globe compete, shoulder to shoulder in getting to the finish line first. We pride ourselves on the planning and involvement of this mammoth event.

We are also here to help those who are not experienced in the sport and offer advice to those who would like to compete for the very first time. Keep an eye out for all the latest WA 12 Hour news and useful information on our blog. You can also contact us directly if you wish to participate in next year’s race. We look forward to hearing from you.