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Alcoa 2016 Dusk Till Dawn 12hour MTB Challenge

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Welcome to the 2016 Dusk Till Dawn

26th and 27th of November

Everyone can take part in the challenge from beginner through to the competitive rider. The aim is to complete as many laps in a 12 hour period as you can, either as a solo rider or in a team of friends or work-mates. You can do one lap then change over to your next rider or do several before changing over to your next rider. It is up to you and your team. You can go as hard and fast as you like or take it at a slow relaxed pace and stop and start as often as you like. It's all up to you.

If you have never been in a Teams Event before they are great fun. You form a team of friends or work-mates or if you would like to take part but can't form a team we can try to include you in a team or you can go it alone as a solo competitor. Laps are expected to be approx. 10km and take about 30 - 50 minutes to complete depending on your fitness then you change over to your next team mate or you can do a lap or a few laps and then change over. It's all up to your team and your team strategy.

The course is designed to suit all riders skill levels, not too hilly or technical but there will be some sections where there is two ways you can go, the easy way (usually the slower trail) or for the experienced rider something a bit more technical.
Solo rider or Relay Teams of 2, 3 & 4 Riders. You can do a lap and then swap over to your next team mate. Each team has only one tag which they swap over to their next rider in the transition zone.
Remember you can go as fast and hard as you like or at your own pace. It's all up to you. You can start and stop as often as you like. How you take on the Challenge is up to you. This event is mostly run in the darkness of night so you will need lights! A battery charging station will be setup near transition.
Everyone is easy going and friendly so come along and have a great time. The whole event is organised and managed by Perth Mountain Bike Club volunteers.